Application not only for automotive industry!

A spring made of glass-fiber-reinforced-plastics, which fully utilizes the high potential of the material. A simple concept with a great effect.
Consisting of several segments and coils, this concept allows perfect fitting in your installation space and counteracts packaging problems.


In addition to the materials specific advantages like weight loss, excellent fail-safe-behavior and corrosion resistance, this new concept offers further benefits, which are worth a closer look:

  • > flexible shape, fits into almost every installation space
  • > simple manufacturing and mounting regarding serial production
  • > ratio of unloaded to fully deflected spring very high, offering further weight reduction
  • > direction of reaction force variable → side load compensation feasible
  • > suitable for a standard MacPherson strut
  • > adjustable spring characteristics (declining to progressive)
  • > spring caps and overload spring can be designed smaller or completely omitted
  • > improvement of dynamic properties by reduction of unsprung mass