Lightweight-competence in the area of fiber-composite plastics

Fiber-composite plastics enable new possibilities for engineers. Our goal is to use their individual characteristics and further develop their applicability.
In comparison to conventional construction materials, the fiber-composite plastics offer elegantĀ  options because of their structural composition. The design and shape possibilities are combined with their remarkable rigidity and stability. Furthermore, the properties of the parts can be adjusted by simple alteration of the fiber-composite mixture and orientation of the fibers.
However, in contrast to conventional construction materials they require new numerical calculation routines. Standard materials behave isotropic with exposure to mechanical force, an exception in mechanics. Fiber-composite materials require specific orientation dependent calculations to maximize their effectiveness.

Danto-Invention provides the numerical calculation methods to maximize the potential in fiber-composite structures. This way, new fields of application are possible, not only in the automobile sector but also in the production of prototypes, endurance tests, tool manufacturing, molding and many more.

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